Jazz Club #3 : Big Bill Broonzy – An Evening With

Not Jazz, but classic blues from the legend that it is Big Bill Broonzy, recorded in Club Montmatre in Copenhagen on 4th May 1956. An Evening With was released in the UK on Tempo, catalogue number TAP 23, with the promos having the matrices VMGT 1442-1B and VMGT 1443-1B for the A and B sides respectively (they are single side promos).

The wikipedia article on him provides a wealth of information his life and recording career, so there’s no point repeating it here, though his mention of Pete Seger during the evening shows his importance in the folk history of the US, in particular charting the rural to urban shift from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

A really great album and luckily I have both discs that make it up. Given it’s rarity, the Tempo release is still realistically priced, though not many come up for sale.

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