Jazz Club #6 : Dave Carey’s Jazz Band – Jazz At The “Railway Arms” No. 2

Something that’s even more obscure than Tubby Hayes and Jimmy Deucher. When I originally researched this album, there was no listing and though I had the Tempo label number, TAP 16, there was very little info. Both promo’s just has ‘Selection’ for the album title, so not a lot to go one.

However, in the last couple of weeks, TAP 16 is now listed with Jazz At The Railway Arms No 2 as the title, though this hasn’t been done from the actual record, but from a jazz discography, Just Jazz 3, which was published in 1958 (and is available from Abe Books or Amazon). The promos don’t have the cover art work either, but it’s listed as being recorded live on the 14th March 1957, at the Railway Arms, London.

Just Jazz 3

Some further research shows that Vol 1 was a session by Mick Mulligan, which was recorded at the same venue on the 13th February 1957, with catalogue number TAP 14, titled Jazz At The Railway Arms Vol 1, which unfortunately isn’t in the promo box. However, the actual record has been sighted and there’s even one for sale.

Both Dave Carey and Mick Mulligan are more ‘traditional’ jazz outfits but who could be classed as bop and they both appear on another Tempo live release at the 3rd British Festival of Jazz, catalogue TAP11. It’s lively stuff and very much the jazz sound of the late 50’s.

From glancing at the back of the sleeve notes for the Mick Mulligan album, the Railway Arms venue, was infact the Railway Hotel, West Hampstead, now know as the Railway, where subsequently artists like Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall, Georgie Fame and others played.

The Railway is now owned by Greene King and currently, like all other pubs is closed, but it’s got to be worth a trip at some point in the future.

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